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This page lists some easy online money making opportunities and ideas for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and/or those who wish to work from home. Many of the products/services listed here are actually products and services that I use personally in my Digital and Affiliate Marketing business as well as my personal use of, an online day trading site where you can learn more about Day Trading. More on that a little later…

For now, I will be discussing three very important products that are currently being offered for free – here on this page. These products are extremely useful to any business, and all three also offer Affiliate Links for those who wish to help promote the products – such as what I’m doing here. They are:

1) Online: Digital & Affiliate Marketing Opportunities & Products

For those of you who have a serious digital products business online, and you wish to capture emails and market to them, here’s a great
new system that does it all – Groovesell/GrooveFunnels! This new software, as of May, 2020, is in Beta test, and it’s currently being offered for FREE. When the site and all of its affiliated products go live (expected date is June/July 2020), I am not sure if they will continue to offer the Free “basic” version.

GrooveSell & GrooveFunnel is a simple user friendly online software that allows you to create three basic landing pages in order to create your email list funnel, and it allows the end client to automatically download whatever digital product that was offered through the funnel including upsells. As of May, 2020, I am currently in the process of setting up my Pages, and I will list my live link here in the near future.

This funnel system is not only a great product for digital and affiliate marketers, but it’s also an Affiliate Site similar to ClickBank and JVZoo where they are building a MarketPlace. From there, you will be able to offer other Vendor’s products and services. When you create your free account, your affiliate links will be all set up for you to begin sharing. That means, yes, even free members can earn up to 20% of sales – at no out of pocket cost. Earnings for Pro Members are up to 40%. Here’s the intro video:

As mentioned, the funnel system, the landing pages, and the associated CRM email list builder are for those who do wish to build their own email lists . You’ve heard the money is IN the list? Well, it is! And this will allow you to capture email addresses, and send out future promotions and specials to those who have joined. It also allows for list segregation where you can target a sub-set of your list according to tags. This feature is powerful for businesses that wish to segregate lists and specify target marketing. Again, as I learn more, I will update this page.


If you have a physical business and/or want to sell your actual physical products and services online, another product by the same company is GrooveKart. This is similar to Shopify, and it will be your online storefront for eCommerce sites. This company will be adding a Merchant Account in the near future as well for those who have brick and mortar stores. Stay tuned for my future updates to this page…

GrooveSell & GrooveFunnel Summary:

Here is another video that explains how the software works, what the dashboard looks like, etc., which also reminds me – I forgot the Best Part!

What is the Best Part? Using this software will also enable you to promote YOUR products with your very own team of affiliate marketers! GrooveSell will take care of all the back end stuff such as which affiliates are promoting your products, how much is owed, etc., while you try to keep up with your sales! Watch:

Join GrooveSell & GrooveFunnel Here

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Global Money Line allows users to both build a list and drive traffic to whatever website they are promoting. This site also has a Free sign-up account, but if you read my upcoming (and updated) review about GML, you will realize that there are some major benefits to upgrade to, at least, the “Silver” level.

At present, I am a Bronze level member, but I recently learned of the additional benefits to upgrading, and will likely do so in the future. For now, please read more about the Global Money Line by clicking the link or go to the site by clicking the banner picture below:



Remember waaaay back when, when Facebook was just beginning? You could “join for free, and it always will be”? Yes, those were the innocent days of Social Media. Now, let’s fast track to today. We still have Facebook, which is still free to use, but things have progressed to a not so nice place to be. Facebook has been caught selling user information, they limit posts, and now, they are even censuring and blocking user accounts. So, not good – Facebook.

In addition to those reasons, Facebook is not so, shall we say, user friendly to those who may want to advertise something. As a business owner, have you ever advertised on Facebook? It seems that sometimes your ad actually works, and sometimes it doesn’t, but Facebook only offers help for – what I call – the BIG HITTERS. They are willing to spend time with larger companies to help them navigate through the advertising process, set things up right, and even gain beneficial statistics for their business ads which, in turn, help reduce lost ad money on ineffective ads – thus, leaving small businesses out in the cold. So, what is a small business owner to do?

Enter WebTalk. Webtalk is a new social media platform that is a cross between Facebook and LinkedIn.

WebTalk: Members who use this new platform know that other members will see their posts. Further, each post can also be shared with the user’s Facebook account. So, whatever you post can feed through to Facebook, and a few others: Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. What’s quite unique about WebTalk is their willingness to share Ad Revenue with their users, and for those who want to promote WebTalk, they are also offering Affiliate Income that can add up to some serious cash. They are willing to pay Affiliates for an unlimited number of members, and their referrals up to five levels deep. Here is a quick Intro Video:

Click Her – Learn More – Click Here

Similar to Facebook, the basic level is Free, and always will be. But, again, there are additional levels offered which you may consider in the future. For now, why not join for Free, and get paid for doing something you already do – being social?

Here is a link that offers additional information. Click here for more News About WebTalk!


That’s it for now – Please check bookmark this page and check back for updates or changes – and thank you for your visit!

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